Aug 31, 2023

Jennifer Lawrence Can't Get Enough of This Versatile Crossbody Bag

While "It-bag" discourse has hit an all time high over the past year, Jennifer Lawrence is making the case that a true "in" accessory is something that is both timeless and seasonless (and perhaps has a hint of "stealth wealth"). Yes, the actress is known for her simple off-duty style that includes slouchy t-shirts and sneakers, but there seems to be one particular accessory that she has taken a liking to.

On Tuesday, Lawrence stepped out in New York City wearing what has become a staple of many of her more casual outfits, The Row's Slouchy Banana bag. The leather crossbody laid loosely on the 32-year old's side and accented her loose white t-shirt, baseball cap, and wide-legged jeans. She also, interestingly, opted for a pair of fishnet-style ballet flats.

And just a month prior, Lawrence sported a similar outfit while out in the Big Apple (hey, if it's not broken don't fix it). She paired the same crossbody bag with another white t-shirt, but this time, opted for linen cargo pants, Alaïa sunglasses, and a bucket hat.

But Lawrence hasn't just been sporting the accessory this summer—back in March, she again wore the crossbody on two occasions while out in the city. However, she opted to pair it with two neutral trenches, and of course, wide-framed sunglasses.

The crossbody bag from the American brand (known for their logo-less, quietly luxe ready-to-wear and accessories) is a contrast to the "it-bags" from other more trendy labels. And though some may revolt at anything fanny-pack adjacent, the accessory is more a chic, slouchy shoulder type than your dad's bum bag. The crescent also seems to be the definitive bag shape of the moment, with similar styles like Lemaire's Croissant bag, JW Anderson's Bumper bag, and even a version from Uniqlo attaining hit status.

Lawrence's frequent accessory choice makes sense on two fronts. While her effortless, low-key wardrobe has always been present, she is also friends with The Row's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The actress has consistently worn designs from the brand, with some of her frequent picks being their Ozzy slippers and Park North/South tote. But clearly, she's found one of her favorite, and most versatile, styles.

Matthew Velasco